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Our Story

Mahmoud Amer History

It all started when Mahmoud Amer opened his first coffee roaster in Cairo in 1940, Importing Arabica Coffee beans from its native countries Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Guatemala, Yemen, and Abisha, then adding his secret ingredients before roasting it to perfection little floral, a little nutty, a little smokey, and a little herby. Treating Coffee in the Fancy way it deserves, Mahmoud Amer’s name got bigger year after year, and coffee lovers from all over Egypt clung to it which was the reason he opened his first branch in New Cairo to provide the people with coffee products they loved. Now in the current chapter of Mahmoud Amer's story, we have three branches in Cairo and the success story continues …
The story begins with sorting and selecting only high-quality beans that match Mahmoud Amer's standards, moving to the next phase we roast them to perfection for each degree (Light - Medium - Dark), then we grin coffee to many degrees to match each unique taste for each coffee lover And then we get to the packaging to get you your favorite kind of coffee with the best quality and the highest taste you feel with every sip of your cup to the end